Please use the form below to make your initial order.  Please specify the products you would like to order, the colour and quanties of each item.  We will then contact you by e-mail to clarify your order as necessary.  

Delivery and payment terms

Delivery terms:
Products are normally shipped by parcel post as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 days after an order has been received, confirmed and paid. Small deliveries will be shipped as letters. 

Payment terms:
Once an order has been confirmed by the customer the company will issue by e-mail an invoice for pre-payment of the order.

Your right to return / exchange products:
You have the right to return or change any of our standard products within 14 days.  Please return the product by economy post. The product you wish to return must be unused and unaltered.  When returning any products, please include your contact information, your bank account number and preferably the reason for returning the product, even though this is not mandatory.  If you wish to change a product to another one, please give detailed information on that.

If the product you receive is faulty, you can request a refund or replacement.  If a fault is not reported to ourselves or not reported within 7 days of receiving the product, the products shall be considered accepted.  Prior notification by e-mail is always required should you wish to make a claim.  Please return the product by economy post.  Please also advise if you want to simply return the product and get your money back or if you would like a replacement product. In order to return your payment we will also need your IBAN bank account number.


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